The Moment

Cosy and inviting beds in well-appointed rooms greet you during every fun-filled day at Coral Bay Resort. With 142 hotel styled rooms including 55 units of 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom service apartments available to choose from, there’s something perfect for every holiday party.


The Hangout

Today, Pangkor Island is a popular island destination for local and Singapore holiday makers. It gets extremely busy during school and public holidays.


The Sea

Keeping up with a fitness routine or looking to spend quality time with your family, Coral Bay Resort is here to make the most of your stay by offering the services you need, the amenities you expect, and the extras you deserve.


The Forest

There are a whole bunch of terms and labels that different organizations may use but the objective is the same; a deserved treat with your co-workers from the Company. Coral Bay Resort has some packaged island retreat options, we’ve made them as affordable as any decent company could and would spend on their invaluable work force.

Family Escape

Take the whole family on a fun-filled journey through some of Pangkor's Island amazing attractions!

With activities specially catered to accommodate the enjoyment of kids and adults, our Family Escape packages is the perfect choice for an especially remarkable bonding session with the whole family.

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Couple Retreat

Pangkor Island secluded nature is perfect for couples looking for an intimate travel experience.

Our Couple Retreat packages are prepared to provide couples with activities that accommodates ideal relaxation with a touch of adventure.

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Friends Outing

Nothing beats hanging out with your friends in the midst of Pangkor island!

The Friends Outing Package is made our of various activities that accommodates the group of friends, whether it be adventure, relaxation, and even meals that is sure to provide that special bonding time within the group.

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Corporate Travel

Pangkor Coral Bay also provides facilities and accommodation for corporate groups looking for something different.

Our Corporate Travel packages are fabricated with the corporate's benefit in mind. Whether it be for meetings or team-building, our team have everything in store for the convenience of the travelling group.

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Discovery Holidays

Indulge in some of Pangkor's amazing wildlife and nature unique to the island itself.

The Discovery Holidays package is specifically made with a focus on nature. Activities throughout the jungle and beach side, lead by our trained professionals are available for those looking for that adventure holiday in the Island of Pangkor.

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